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Display at Vintage Swap Meets

Do we need or want vintage displays at Vintage Swap Meets?

I believe we have enough vintage shows each year to not need any display vehicles at vintage swap meets.
Vintage displays do add to the event but where sites are all gone, we potentially are missing out on more Swap Meet action where displays are placed.

In the case of the McLeans Island Vintage Swap Meet in October, there is no spare space for anyone to bring some vintage items unless booked 6 months before (space permitting). Due to the sites being hard to get, most stall holders keep on to their sites each year whether they have much to sell or not for fear of missing out in future years. I believe if the display area was reserved for drop in stall holders (vintage related only), we may see some new items/parts appear like the good old days.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Display at Vintage Swap Meets

  1. Talk about McLeans Island, swap meet. They want to get their act together and, and put the stalls into some sort off rows. I have be going there for years. I am sure I have not covered it all. At 71 years old I do not want to be walking backwards and forward all day, looking at the same stalls. Keep the old machinery on display. It is good to look at and talk about. As I am 71 years old. I do not get about, and see this sort of thing much.

  2. I believe vintage displays are defiantly valuable at swap meets otherwise these swap meets are basically a bunch of older men looking to top up there already full sheds and not perpetuate their hobbies for the future.
    Every opportunity should be taken to expose , inspire and enthuse the younger people toward vintage machinery if these hobbies are to survive into the next generations.
    Its reasonable to assume some limit might be placed on static displays at meets and that a degree of organisation is required to allow such displays given space and other logistics but with out them a great opportunity is being lost to draw new members to clubs and the next generation into our hobbies full stop

  3. I personally like to be able to buy anything I see but some displays could be awesome (in moderation)

  4. Yes, the old cars add to the flavour of the whole event, as long as there is room for them. The stallholders take priority

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